I think you all have the question, well what about me? That same question I asked myself just before I made this blog,  well what about me? In that time, I was studying Industrial Design, but felt that something was incomplete, I felt that I wanted to do something more of my time and life, but I didn’t know what. One day I decided to sit down and write all the things I loved to do, I came to the conclusion that I loved fashion magazines, art expositions, photography, and I finally had the answer to the question. This thing in front of your eyes you’re reading at this precise moment.

Why Mrs. Gold? Gold, is my favorite color and texture, everything for me is goldenized. Why Mrs? It’s like being married to gold. I’m 24 years old, craving to pursue my dreams as much as possible. I believe there’s no limit, where you put the eye, you put the bullet. I think there are no coincidences. For some reason, you’re sitting home reading this, becoming part of my life and you’re becoming part of mine, part of my dreams. A blog is just an introduction of yourself to the world. This is my way of getting the world to know me, what’s yours?

Mrs. Gold

Instagram: @mrsgoldblog

Contact: mrsgoldblog@hotmail.com


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