The day girls say, I DO

Hello everyone! Today’s blogpost is not about me, but all of us girls waiting to pronounce two specific words…

I KNOW you’re dreaming and wondering right know about that special day.

Ideas start popping into your mind, like: Who is he?, Do I know him?, What will my ring look like? Which are the most beautiful wedding venues?, and obviously… WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR TO MY BIG FAIRYTALE WEDDING AT THE RITZ CARLTON PARIS? (kidding but no kidding).


Well I got some big news, every fashion enthusiast knows how quickly fashion changes, mostly when we talk about season trends or street style. But nowadays, brides have entered a new era full of diversity.


What we thought as timeless when designing a wedding dress, today is considered long gone. Big and heavy white gowns with exorbitant details may NOT be now the first choice of a millenial bride.



I was invited this week to an incredible showroom by “The 2nd Skin Co”, a spanish brand dedicated to create prêt-à-porter collections, for the adventurous and free spirit women. They’ve been part of Madrid Fashion Week, opening their doors to enter a new stage called: THE WEDDING GAME. Creating a special prêt-à-porter bride line collection, with an excessive simplicity fulfilled with elegance.




If you consider yourself a millenial bride, here are some dresses by “The 2nd Skin Co” that will make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw, all dressed in love ready to pronounce the magic words: I DO.




And trust me that the first thing that will pop in your man’s mind when looking at you down the aisle is going to be: THAT’S MY FREAKING GURL!




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